Relax Before Surgery

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If you are having surgery this is the CD for you.

Intended for the Holding Area. However may be used by patients at home the day before their procedure.

This is a 5-minute Progressive Relaxation and Guided Imagery with Suggestion for Comfort and Relaxation during the procedure. The background music is biorhythmic with an underlying Theta Tone to enhance mental and physical calmness.

Research by Blue Shield of California and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences has shown that listening to Guided Imagery CDs prior to surgery resulted in less N/V, and pain. Also reported are shorter procedure times, PACU and hospital stays.


Product Description

By M. Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, BCH, FNCH



Dear Richard, (Richard Nongard called me to ask for something for Stephanie before having surgery)
Thanks for sending me the mp3 for the holding area before my surgery last week. I did “preview” it the night before just so I knew what Mr. Eslinger sounded like, etc. Then when we got to the hospital I started to listen to it but the nurse came in. I explained to her what I was doing and made it clear it was important to me that I have time to complete it. She said she had worked for a very progressive hospital in Mass. that encouraged this sort of thing. Shortly after she inserted the I.V. I had time to complete the whole 5 minutes. Then my husband Ron and my friend talked to me for a bit. The plastic surgeon came in and marked me for the surgery. After that I was sort of sitting there waiting again so I plugged the mp3 in again.

The man doing the anesthesia came and gave me anti nausea meds and then some sort of tranquilizer. After that I don’t remember a thing. In past surgeries I remember going into the operating room & moving over to the table, etc. This time there is no memory at all of this part of the procedure. I woke up very calm and happy. Felt wonderful. At St. Joseph ‘s Outpatient there are about 6 rooms for overnight stays. They wheeled me over to that area. The nurse laughed and said “I’m not used to people talking to me like this!” I was clear, alert, and answering all her questions. I was not in a lot of pain. She also told my mom that I was the last person out of surgery that day and I was by far doing the best! That night I got out of bed several times and walked the halls. My voice was strong, my color good, and I was not dependant on too much pain medication.

I truly believe that this had a significant effect on my having such a good experience. I have had 4 surgeries in 2 years. This one was thought to be the most difficult and it has been the easiest. Please let Mr. Eslinger know how much it meant to me! I thought he covered everything in those 5 minutes and it was very reassuring and calming. My “freak out” is the I.V. since my veins are bad & they can only use one arm – it tends to be a bit traumatic. This time they put it in my wrist, which I hate, but it did not bother me one bit! Obviously you know I’m a big believer, but this exceeded my expectations!

I am very appreciative that he would take the time to help me out.

Thanks again!

Stephanie Skiba
PeachTree Professional Education, Inc.

I thought I would drop you a quick note about your five minute Relax Before Surgery CD. I was going into the outpatient surgery center on Monday and got on the elevator with a 12 year old patient who was to undergo an arthroscopy of his knee and his eyes were puffy like he had been crying and looked real anxious. I talked with the patient and his mother about this new CD Relax Before Surgery and I thought it could help with relaxation before surgery and actually give him a better experience with his surgical procedure. The patient and Mom both listened to the CD and this young man had a total change in his feeling about his procedure he was going to have. I gave the anesthesiologist who I was working with that day and who has been very positive about the use of your CD’s and she played your General Anesthesia Intra-Op Suggestions CD and the patient had a wonderful experience with his procedure and thought that your CD’s were very helpful with his experience. I am using this CD everyday and it has been received very well by the patients and by my pre-op nurses and recovery nurse. Hope to send you a lot more positive information in the near future. – Thanks, Don Brant, CRNA
Again, I am happy to report continued success with your Relax Before Surgery CD.
One of my patients recently, when I asked her where her happy place was, told me she wanted to go to heaven. This was the second patient who has told this to me recently. The first time it set me back for a few moments but I responded quickly that would be fine as long as she promised that she would come back at the end of her surgery. She responded, absolutely, that she was very close to her Lord and she couldn’t think of any happier place to be at that time. At the end of the surgery the patient woke up on the bed with a smile and very calm. I asked her if she made it to her happy place and she said she had and that she had a very good experience. I took her to recovery room and got her situated in recovery room and she was very comfortable. She was my last patient for the day. I left to go home shortly after that. When I returned back to work the next morning, the recovery room that took care of this patient approached me and said that the patient had asked her if she had seen the three angels that were in her operating room with her during her procedure, and she told her she was not in the operating room with her but she did not have any trouble believing that they were there with her. The patient was so happy and said it was such a wonderful experience she had experienced. Everyone on my recovery staff has commented how much more comfortable and calm my patients are in recovery room. Thought you would appreciate the story. – Don Brant, CRNA

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