The CDC has a safe injection campaign that is on-going.

It covers some very elementary elements of safe injection practices that are unfortunately forgotten over time or over looked in of cutting costs at the expense of spreading disease.

Yes giving an I.V. is considered giving an injection and the same rules must be followed!

One needle, One syringe, Only ONE Time Please follow the guidelines and watch the video. We would all much rather be safe.

The safe injection video:

Video by CDC (Center for Disease Control)

CDC Safe Injection Practices:

1. Use a sterile single-use disposable needle and syringe for each injection given.

2. Whenever possible, use single dose medication vials, especially when medications will be given to multiple patients.

3. NEVER enter a medication vial with a used needle or syringe.

4. Consider a needle and syringe contaminated after it is used to connect to a patient’s intravenous bag or line.

5. Do not use bags or bottles of intravenous solution (such as saline) as a common source of supply for more than one patient.

6. Never administer medications from the same syringe to more than one patient, even if the needle is changed.

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