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Dear Ron,

I had the opportunity over Easter Weekend (*I know Holy Week…but that is the only time I was free!) to complete the Moderate Sedation Registered Nurse Certification, and I just wanted to extend my utter gratitude over how well organized and inspiring the online program was! I have always wanted to be a nurse anesthetist, ever since I was little. I’ve always believed from shadowing CRNAs to researching there scope of practice that they are special people indeed; vigilant and independent in their responsibilities, protective advocates for their patients, who dedicate their time to watch over one patient at a time during surgeries, procedures, etc. to maintain a pain-free and successfully sedated experience.

I currently am a SICU RN at Georgetown University Hospital, but I hope by this summer to start applying to a CRNA program as well as obtain my DNP at the same time. I just wanted to say that this program reaffirmed my reasons and inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a CRNA. You were so funny yet informative during the lectures, I was even showing my parents some portions of the videos and making them my guinea-pigs to perform the mallaparti-score on them while explaining my rationale in the midst of us cooking Easter dinner. I even utilized the free music on some of my patients where we completed bedside bronchs and paracentesis and I definitely noticed a calming difference in the patients’ demeanor both during and after the procedures. Heck, I even utilized less versed and fentanyl to get the same “bang for my buck” in sedation-wise! So music therapy is definitely something I am advocating for in my practice on my unit. In addition, I received an email on the first annual moderate sedation seminar in Knoxville, TN and I really hope (barring any scheduling and financial situations) that I will be able to go this June because I would love to learn more and be a part of something extraordinary.

All in all, I wanted to say thank you and I hope you continue to inspire us nurses to follow our dreams to provide the BEST possible care our patients deserve. Thank you so much. You have a lifelong supporter in DC.


Rachel Westernik, RN, BSN

I am so glad I took this course and became a member….

I will now be working in an area that provides moderate sedation!!!

When I interviewed for the job the MD was very impressed by this membership and certification :))))
VERY VERY impressed

I have been a stay at home mom for the last 3 years and I am just now entering back into the field…when I knew I may be working in an area with moderate sedation I began researching ways to build my resume as well as refresh my education in this area.

I believe that all nurses providing moderate sedation should be required to maintain this membership and certification. After taking the exam I felt much more confident regarding medications and the do’s and don’ts of this area.

Just wanted to say thanks.
and that I’m Glad I found ya’ll!

Anna Fortenberry, Williams RN

Very Informative class. Enjoyed the presentation. The speakers are very knowledgeable. Thank you for being prepared and efficient with presentation.

Cheryl Gordon, RN

I came because it was required, but I really enjoyed it. A pleasant surprise.

Jennifer Nehring, RN

I really enjoyed the class, loved relaxed atmosphere, very conducive to learning. Thank you!

Pam Peak RN

Ron is just an all-around awesome person! Very knowledgeable, excellent teacher – draws on multiple experiences to support data. Made all information interesting.

Amy Delaney, RN

The suggestion you made to help calm the patient and using the positive suggestions were fantastic. You should talk to med students and nursing students. I will try to never again say “bee sting” (very guilty of that) Thank you for allowing us to take your course even though there was only 3 of us.

Regina Jiardina, RN

Constance L. Carney

I’ve been performing sedation for several years and learned some helpful things as well as reinforcing what I already knew. Mr. Eslinger’s presentation was engaging and held my interest. The DVD’s are excellent quality for sound and visual presentation. Highly recommend!

This course is excellent for Conscious Sedation Nurses – whether experienced or inexperienced. I especially liked the complementary therapy session, it dealt with interventions that I had never thought of before. Thank you!

Angie Isham, RN

Great Course- Excellent Speaker

Rachel Patton, RN

This class size was very small which was wonderful, enabled everyone to ask questions regarding concerns they have at their facilities. Speakers were very educated on information presented and kept your attention during the course.

Ina Snell, RN

I enjoyed the presentation. I learned a lot. Mr. Ron Eslinger is very knowledgeable and explained the material well. Looking forward to the re-certification material in the future. Thanks!

Skylar Pharris, RN

Excellent job! Great job mixing humor, “magic”, and stories with the information presented. It was very interesting and informational.

Connie Jeanine Salter Lasley, RN

Ron was an excellent speaker with years of experience and great stories! Made 8 hours of class fly by! Great Job!

Amy McDowell, RN

Excellent Presenter! Refreshing speaker that focused on the patient.

Tanya McKinsey

Very well presented, encourages active participation, and uses magic to increase interest.

Barbara Hickinan RN

Wonderful speaker. His total belief in patient care was nice and refreshing. Learned a lot and definitely interested in more courses from this speaker.

Susan Lombardo, RN


Excellent info to take back and make our facility more in line with Joint Commission and Nursing Scope of Practice.

Jil Cooper, RN

Excellent Speaker!!

Rebecca Gainer, RN

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